History of Development

This page logs the detailed website development of each new features and changes. They are here for a reason.


Aug 28th

  • Home page has finally made its entrance, PEOPLE!
  • Liked page available now.
  • Added Pagination for posts.
  • Changed footer design to polygon instead of rectangle.
  • Crazy bugs fixed.

Aug 25th

  • Tag page has arrived, too!
  • Search is finally here!😆

Aug 24th

  • Fixed a Firefox bug for confirmation page.
  • Daily check-in is available now!
  • You can now change Settings by clicking the dropdown on the top!

Aug 22nd

  • Fixed a bug when clicking on POST button immediately after entering the comment would display nothing.
  • Custom 404 page!

Aug 21st

  • Privacy policy, cookie policy, terms of use pages available.
  • History of Development page added.
  • Search animation designed.

Aug 20th

  • You can hover over instead of clicking on navigation links.

Aug 19th

  • Fixed a bug when the notification related object was deleted in the database.
  • Notification inbox is finally here with real-time notification!

Aug 17th

  • Fixed the pop-up window of social sharing's postion to be centered.
  • Facebook and Twitter sharing feature up and running.

Aug 16th

  • Page footer links added.
  • Send feedback using Drift integration. (Bottom-right chat button)
  • Posts have their own individual page now!
  • Posts can be deleted now!

Aug 15th

  • Comments can be liked now!

Aug 14th

  • You can reply to comments now!
  • Comments loading logics and refinements done.

Aug 13rd

  • Commenting works now!

Aug 11st

  • Posts can be loaded more now!
  • Added feed masonry layout

Aug 10th

  • You can finally change and upload your own avatar now!
  • Profile page available now!

Aug 9th

  • Added Chinese (简体中文) language support.
  • Added composer bounce in animation

Aug 8th

  • Changed maximum upload file size to 5MB.
  • Version control for front-end assets (css/js).
  • Like button for posts animation and implementation!

Aug 7th

  • You can post new feed now!!

Aug 6th

Aug 3rd

  • Fixed registration bug.
  • Completed confirmation page for activating account.

Aug 2nd

  • Added toastr integration.
  • Completed confirmation email sending.
  • Dynamic app navigation links.

Aug 1st

  • Login & register page done.


Jul 30th

  • Integrated Voyager back-end management pages.
  • Database structure design completed.

Jul 26th

  • Finalized phase 1.

Jul 25th

  • First design of feed page done.

Jul 24th

  • Navbar tweaks.

Jul 23

  • Completed auth scaffholding.

Project initiated.